Based on the data we've collected from pharmacies using the Live Integration, we've updated the notifications to better suit your needs. 

What Changed?

New opportunities - Added notifications for MTM's, Adherence, and ACE/ARBs
DIR assistance - The system prioritizes opportunities that impact your DIR fees
Added integrations - Now compatible with more pharmacy systems
Visual makeover - The notifications look much nicer

A full change log can be found at the bottom of this article.

What's Next:

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Change Log

07.15.2017 - Updated texts; visual makeover for app and installation wizard; introduced notifications for MTMs, Adherence, Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB and improved detection for existing Gap Therapy: Statin, Newly Eligible, Nutrient Depletion opportunities; segmentation of DIR Impact notifications; refactored priority for which notifications appear; added new user onboarding

08.07.2017 - Updated texts; visual improvements; improved MTMs, Adherence, Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB notifications; added DIR Impact priority; license agreement update; added automatic uninstall of older versions with update; general bugfixes

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