Taking medication as prescribed is important for managing health conditions and general wellbeing. Plus, with financial incentives for providers, improving adherence is also good for pharmacists. Here's how Amplicare Impact can help you capitalize on these win-win opportunities. 

First, head to Amplicare Impact and select the Low Adherence report. This is your list of patients with low adherence to their diabetes, hypertension, and/or cholesterol medications. Here you can search for specific patients and sort the list by last refill or number of maintenance drugs. You can also apply useful filters such as adherence level and DIR Impact opportunities.

Select all patients at the bottom of the report to schedule a custom campaign call to these patients letting them know the importance of regularly taking their maintenance medications. See our sample scripts for inspiration.

Clicking into an opportunity will allow you to see the specific maintenance medications, their next refill dates, and ways to "Complete" the opportunity if it has been addressed.

In the opportunity box you can print a handout notifying the patient of their low adherence. If your pharmacy participates in a MedSync program, you can include a MedSync enrollment form right the handout just by selecting the option at the top!  


  • MedSync is proven to increase patient adherence; so if you offer this program, invite patients to sign up!
  • Use Amplicare Connect to reach out to all of your low adherent patients. To get started, check out our phone script ideas. You can think of each successful consultation as another $27.60 coming into the pharmacy
  • To help you manage time wisely, Amplicare only shows adherence rates for diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension (RASA) medications. These are the medications CMS and plans look at when measuring pharmacy performance.
  • If your pharmacy software vendor is compatible, be sure to utilize Amplicare Assist to catch patients when they visit the pharmacy. 

What's Next?

If you're curious on how we calculate adherence, check out this article! Have more questions about the Adherence report? This article addresses some FAQ's.

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