Most pharmacies have an overwhelming number of potential opportunities to increase performance measures... In order to stay ahead of the game and increase your bottom line, you must target the opportunities that are actually impacting your DIR fees. 

Not all performance measures impact your DIR fees

Whether a clinical intervention outcome impacts your pharmacy's DIR fees or not depends on the patient's current plan. Let's say one of your Medicare patients is not adherent to their cholesterol medication. If the patient's current plan is an Express Scripts plan, their adherence is not impacting your DIR fees! This is why.

Amplicare Impact analyzes your opportunities and identifies the ones that will directly impact your DIR fees, so you can prioritize the most important ones:

Set your filters

Filters in all Impact reports customize the reports to help you target the right patients. The following present filters show you your patients that are directly impacting your DIR fees.

Here's how to do it on your own

Go to your Amplicare Impact tab

Use filters to pinpoint specific DIR impact opportunities:

What's Next?

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