1) Do you have a compatible pharmacy system?

Amplicare Assist is only compatible with Rx30, ComputerRx, QS1 NRx, Pioneer, Liberty, DigitalRx, BestRx, and Micromerchant pharmacy systems.

2) Is your computer a Windows computer?

Amplicare Assist only works on Windows computers. It will not work on Linux systems or iOS. Click here to check what operating system your computer is running on. 

3) Is Assist installed on all appropriate computers?

Amplicare Assist only works on the computers it's installed on. So, install it on every computer in your pharmacy that's used to check/fill scripts throughout the day. Also, Amplicare Assist only works when you're checking or refilling prescriptions in your pharmacy system. If the computer isn't being used to check/fill scripts for the majority of the day, then notifications will not appear frequently. 

Keep in mind that if an Amplicare Assist notification is clicked on Computer ‘A’, it won’t show up again on Computer ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. 

4) Is your pharmacy system screen maximized?

We cannot detect patients that are opportunities unless the screen is fully maximized. 

Still having trouble with Assist?

Contact our support team at support@amplicare.com or re-download Amplicare Assist.

What's Next?

Once you have successfully installed Amplicare Assist, check this article out for an explanation of the notifications!

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