The Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB Report can be found in the Worklist dropdown box in the Opportunities tab. This report is a great tool for helping your diabetic and hypertensive patients.

To navigate this report you can search for specific patients at the search bar near the top. You can search by patient name, current plan name, or current BIN. Sort this report by last refill, or Filter by if a fax or handout was printed -- whatever suits your workflow!

As with all our reports, near the top right is a button (3 gray dots) to download this opportunity report as a .csv/Excel file.

To the right of an opportunity you'll see whether a fax or handout was already printed for this patient.

Clicking into a patient ACE/ARB opportunity yields the pop-up above. Here you can see what medication the patient is on that an ACE/ARB is recommended as a gap therapy for, whether or not a fax or handout has been printed, and options to Complete the Opportunity for you records. That way you'll be able to easily keep track of patient's you've helped!

You can print a handout educating patients on why an ACE/ARB is suggested by the American Diabetic Association. You can also generate a fax for the patient's doctor or prescriber, pictured above. This fax recommends prescribing an ACE Inhibitor or ARB, and contains the patient's active medication list for prescriber review. You can send fax to the doctor/prescriber directly from within Amplicare-- no printing necessary! In this fax you'll see a link which allows you to suggest an ACE/ARB that will appear on the fax. If the patient's current plan is known, you'll see which ACE/ARB options are covered by that plan. You can even choose to include an Rx template at the end of the fax! 


  • Empower patients with knowledge. Our ACE/ARB handouts are very educational, and explaining the benefits of ACE Inhibitors and ARBs is already persuasive. Plus, educated patients have higher retention and better word-of-mouth. 

  • Get everyone in the pharmacy on board. Make sure all staff are trained in how to use Amplicare and this report, and create a workflow that includes reaching out to patients with the Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB opportunity to improve patient health. 

  • Add your pharmacy logo to the fax and handout templates.  This will add credibility and make your fax stand out.

  • If your pharmacy is Amplicare Assist eligible, be sure to install it! This will allow notifications to appear directly on screen when a patient is pulled up in your pharmacy system. This way you'll never miss an opportunity to chat with a patient who is already at the counter.

What's Next?

Utilize Amplicare Connect and check out these scripts to reach out to patients with Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB opportunities here!

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