The All Patients report view can be found from your Patients tab at the top of your Amplicare menu bar. It's a useful report for when you want to help specific patient populations. 

  1. Search for specific patients by First name, Last name or vice versa. Or search by phone number.

  2. Use filters to limit results so you're only seeing, for example, patients on a particular plan, patients with subsidies, or patients on specific medications. You can sort the list for quicker navigation. 

  3. Amplicare allows you to export your results into an excel file. This file is a comprehensive spreadsheet of ALL your patients' data, which can be a great why to sort and filter even further.  If you do not see the Download CSV option please reach out to our support team through chat or email us at so we can activate the feature for you.

By each patient's name you'll also be able to see their Total Rx Billings over the past 365 days and their last fill date. 

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