Amplicare Assist (currently only available for Rx30, ComputerRx, Liberty Software, Pioneer, QS1 NRx, DigitalRx, BestRx, and Micromerchant customers) notifies you in your workflow about opportunities that directly impact your profit margins and DIR fees. As notifications appear on all pharmacy computers, it is important that all staff understand their importance and are prepared to act when prompted. Below, we share some of the benefits of using Assist across your organization.

No More Dashboards = No More Extra Logins

With Assist, you and your staff no longer need to log into any dashboard for your performance or Medicare consultations. When filling for a patient, a notification will automatically pop up at the bottom of your screen with a specific action you can take to increase your performance measurements and decrease DIR fees.

Save hours every day

Real-time notifications save time. Instead of leaving a tab open to Amplicare and checking each patient who strolls in, Assist does the work for you! 

Keep staff engaged

Enabling Amplicare notifications on all your pharmacy computers helps get the entire team involved. Whether you're looking to get a new hire interested or motivate the late-adopters, Amplicare Assist notifications keep the whole team engaged with the pharmacy's initiatives.

Types of Notifications

These are the types of notifications you may receive in your workflow with Assist:

Plan Comparison:

Clicking this notification opens Amplicare and takes you straight to the Plan Comparison printout for this patient. No log in required!

Performance Measures / DIR Fees:

The "Low Adherence" notification directs you to a handout for the patient which can include a Med Sync enrollment form. Other notifications in this category include the Gap Therapy: Statin and Gap Therapy: ACE/ARB notifications. These take you directly to options to print a handout for the patient and/or send an e-fax (no printing needed) to their physician suggesting the appropriate prescription. 

Supplement Recommendations:

The Nutrition notification directs to a customized handout for that specific patient's medications. It explains which of their medications deplete key nutrients and why supplements may be beneficial for them.

Don't have Assist yet?
Follow these instructions to download Assist for your pharmacy!

Keep in mind, Amplicare Assist is currently only available Rx30, ComputerRx, Liberty Software, Pioneer, QS1 NRx, DigitalRx, and BestRx systems, but we are expanding this service! 

What's Next?

Learn more about the opportunities that populate while using Assist!

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