Opportunity Status – an opportunity will be in one of the following four statuses. These statuses can be updated manually or automatically completed depending on the data received by the pharmacy.

Review: No action has been taken and the pharmacy needs to review the opportunity

In Progress: Either manually updated by pharmacy or indicated SOME action has been taken but the opportunity has not been completed. Ex: Printing handouts or sending fax for Gap Therapy opportunities

Suppressed: Manually updated by the pharmacy. This can be used to place an opportunity on hold for either a certain period of time or indefinitely. This status will remove the opportunity from being factored into the patient score. Example of temporary suppression: Patient is currently in hospital, reach out again in a month when they are expected home. Example of permanent suppression: patient informs pharmacy they always receive their flu shot from their PCP and wants to continue to do so

Complete: Either manually updated by the pharmacy, or completed based on data received from MTM vendor or pharmacy. Example: Patient received an immunization by the pharmacy – the system will automatically update this opportunity and use the administration date to calculate future opportunities

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