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  • 10/15/21: CMS 2022 plan data is loaded into Match

    • Note: We typically receive the data from CMS just a few days before October 15th and do the necessary QA before uploading the data. We'll email you as soon as it's uploaded.

  • 10/15/21: Open Enrollment begins. Patients can begin to enroll in 2022 plans

    • Note: You may want to wait until the end of October to review new insights on the plans, and in the event that any of the carriers need to correct data they sent to CMS.

  • End of October: All new Win-Win opportunities loaded

  • 12/7/21: The last day of Open Enrollment

  • 1/1/22: Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment begins (MA OEP)

  • 3/31/22: Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment ends

How to prepare:

  • If you have changed your PSAO/contracting or are planning to, please email our team.

    • One of the benefits of Match is that we can manually update your contracting within 4-7 business days, while it might take CMS 60+ days.

  • If you have changed your NPI, please email our team.

  • If you have changed your pharmacy management system, please email our team.

  • Join one of our training webinars, watch a pre-recorded training webinar, or watch some of our short videos in our help center. Click here for more information.

  • Review all of our new updates for this year. There are a lot! Click here for more information. (Coming Soon)

Best Practices:

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