We know it can be time-consuming to assist 600 Medicare patients during Open Enrollment and 37 patients who become eligible to purchase their first ever Medicare plan throughout the year. As an independent pharmacy your time is valuable. At the same time, helping these patients review their Medicare plan options and enroll in a plan can increase your profits and maximize patient loyalty.

FDS Amplicare now offers a turnkey service, at no extra cost, to support your Medicare patients. HealthPlanOne, a trusted partner with experienced licensed insurance agents, can assist your patients in selecting a plan that benefits them and your pharmacy, allowing you to provide a value-added service to more of your Medicare patients without investing additional time. Their core objective is to deliver the highest customer satisfaction to both patients and pharmacies.

Why should I trust HealthPlanOne with my patients?

HealthPlanOne is FDS Amplicare’s carefully selected insurance agency partner. Their mission aligns with pharmacies in that their ultimate goal is to improve healthcare, in their case via matching Medicare consumers with the right insurance to fit their unique needs. They employ experienced agents who are trained to work with independent pharmacy patients. In addition:

  • These licensed agents will assist your patients in choosing a Medicare plan where your pharmacy is in-network. 

  • The agents will see the same plans that you see listed in Amplicare Match.

Most importantly, YOU are in control -- the agents will only contact the patients you select and approve for outreach.

Here’s how:

Click into your “Patients” report and select the “Filter” option:

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Select “Eligible for Advisor Outreach” to filter the patients who previously enrolled in a plan through HealthPlanOne. This means you can request HealthPlanOne’s assistance for any of those patients, no additional consent from the patient is required.

TIP: to identify former Indy Health patients that are eligible for agent outreach, add an additional “Plan Group” filter as seen in the screenshot below:

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Once the list is filtered to display only the “eligible” patients for outreach, select & submit the patients you want a licensed insurance agent to call (“Approve for Advisor”). Only the patients you submit will be contacted:

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When should I leverage the Advisors?

Delegate patients to Advisors in the following situations:

  1. There’s urgency to help a lot of patients and you do not have sufficient time to do so:

    1. Former Indy Health patients

    2. During the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

  2. You don't feel comfortable consulting with a patient based on your current knowledge of Medicare and/or the complexity of the patient’s situation:

    1. Medicare supplement (“Medigap”) policy comparisons

    2. Medicare Advantage plan comparisons

    3. Patients who are aging into Medicare for the first time (they require a ton of education to fully understand their options!)

In the above situations, you may benefit from having a licensed agent ensure your patients are provided proper education and enroll in a plan that’s in-network with your pharmacy.

Do not approve patients for Advisor outreach if:

  1. Based on your history and relationship with the patient, you know they will not feel comfortable working with a third party.

  2. You already have an established partnership with a broker in your area and that partnership is working well for your pharmacy.

Important Reminder: only “eligible” patients can be submitted for HealthPlanOne to contact. Eligible patients are those who enrolled in a plan through Amplicare/HealthPlanOne. For all other patients, you can provide your patients with HealthPlanOne’s phone number to call for help: 1-888-404-1506.

NOTE: You also can also use this currently free feature for COVID communications to contact patients about Indy Health. Learn more here.

What’s Next?

Learn more about call/text campaigns -- another efficient way to engage with your Medicare patients without a significant time investment.

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