A dual eligible patient can only switch plans once every quarter from January to September. While there is no set deadline, we suggest avoid waiting until a day or two before the end of the month to change a dual eligible plan so you can avoid any pesky potential CMS issues! We usually recommend by the 15th of each month for the plan to take effect. 

Enroll Online

Select the plan the patient would like to enroll in and Compare Plans.

On the monthly breakdown page, click on Enroll Now under the plan name. This will take you to the online enrollment form. If the patient doesn't feel comfortable navigating the enrollment form, you can certainly do it together!

Enroll by Phone

If the patient would prefer to enroll over the phone or if they would like to discuss it with their family first, you can also print out a comparison report for them which includes the phone number to sign up. 

After selecting the plan or plans you would like to compare and clicking Compare Plans

Click on Print Preview in the top right corner of the monthly breakdown page. 

Directly below each plan's star rating is the phone number the patient can call to enroll. 

You can also easily email this comparison to them by clicking Email in the top right corner and entering the patient's email address. 

What's Next?

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