Open Enrollment is a great way not only to improve retention but also to gain brand new business. It's all about marketing -- and we’re here to help!

Here's how:

Click here (Help => Resources => Marketing (Amplicare Match)):

  • Place a foam board in the window of your pharmacy

  • Go to your community senior centers and hand out flyers

  • Print the appointment cards and leave them by all patient check-out stations

How do I use the materials? 

  1. You can bring them to your local print shop to copy for you. 

  2. You can use a large print center like Staples or an online printing company like 

Reach out to newly eligible Medicare patients

Outside of Open Enrollment, patients in your community turn 65 every day, which means they need help reviewing their Medicare plan options and enrolling in a plan. In your Newly Eligible report we identify your patients who've filled at least one medication at your pharmacy in the past, and who are currently eligible or will be eligible soon to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan.

Engage with these patients by mailing them a letter or scheduling a personalized phone call. Many of these patients may be filling their maintenance medications elsewhere, or perhaps they aren't taking any maintenance medications (yet). In either case, reaching out to them and offering a free Medicare plan consultation results in more loyal customers for your pharmacy!

Help prospective patients reduce their drug costs

Oftentimes patients who are taking expensive medication will "shop around" and call pharmacies in their community asking about pricing for certain medications. Turn these prospective patients into loyal customers by:

  • Quickly providing them with the projected costs of their current medication

  • Informing them of cheaper therapeutic alternatives!

Amplicare's Formulary Lookup allows you to do this efficiently:

Quickly search for a medication to obtain patient copay information for each phase of coverage for every plan in-network with your pharmacy. Then, "Find Alternative" to discuss cost-effective therapeutic alternatives for the patient and show that you care about saving them money -- a surefire way to gain a new customer! 

What's Next?

Leveraging your free plan comparison tool during Open Enrollment is by far the best way to gain new Medicare business. Learn more about other Open Enrollment best practices to set yourself up for success!

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