During the enrollment process, we highly recommend you advise your patients to enroll online instead of calling to enroll, for multiple reasons:


With online enrollments come a level of confidence that your patients enroll in the plan that they intended to without being solicited to fill at another pharmacy or to enroll in a different plan. We have heard instances of patients calling carriers who then attempt to steer them to a different, preferred pharmacy (this is why) OR to an entirely different plan (see the point on "Accuracy" below).


CMS regulations require some level of “Needs Analysis,” which involves reading plan benefits, legal disclosures, and more. This analysis happens regardless of whether the patient called Medicare.gov, the carrier, or an insurance broker and can take 30 to 45 minutes to complete over the phone. Enrolling online, however, is a much quicker process than can be completed in significantly less time.


Enrollment activity drastically increases as Open Enrollment progresses, which leads to higher wait times for patients when trying to enroll over the phone. An online option provides the patient with the ability to enroll at their own convenience and eliminates the need for long wait queues. This is especially important as December 7 gets closer, since the window to select or switch plans will close for many patients.


When comparing plans for patients, it’s important to take into account all the medications — including dosages — that they are taking. This way, you’ll be able to provide the most accurate coverage options for the coming year. With Amplicare, medications are saved based on your pharmacy's data, thereby reducing the risk of errors that may occur if a patient doesn’t know or remember the specifics of all their medications. Incomplete information could result in the Needs Analysis recommending a plan that doesn’t fully meet the patient’s needs or requires them to switch pharmacies (see the point on "Reliability" above).


Being able to track the status of enrollments is another benefit of completing an online application. With Amplicare and Navigate, when a patient enrolls online with a carrier we partner with, we are able to track the status of their enrollment. This helps to ensure the patient knows when their enrollment was sent to the carrier and when the carrier approved it. Furthermore, we are then able to update that patient’s plan in Amplicare to generate more opportunities for them and for your pharmacy.

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