Unfortunately, pharmacists sometimes see lower-than-expected reimbursements. Don't feel powerless -- you can fight back and we're here to help! 

  1. Contact your state insurance commissioner to complain.

  2. File a complaint with NCPA. National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) advocates on Capitol Hill and interacts with Federal agencies on important issues affecting community pharmacy businesses. 

  3. Complete a MAC appeal (see below). 

MAC Appeals

Cigna / AARP/ Symphonix:

Download this file.

These are instructions for filling it out.

WellCare, Silverscript, & other Caremark plans:

Use this webpage


Go here and select "Tools"-->"MAC Appeals" then follow the instructions on that page. 


Refer to this webpage.

Aetna/ First Health

Use this webpage.

Express Scripts

Use this webpage.


Refer to this webpage.

What's Next?

If a plan has mislead patients by not adhering to the formulary they report to the CMS, we recommend you file a CMS Complaint form so the plan can be penalized.

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