Amplicare Impact identifies opportunities for you to improve your pharmacy's performance through patient consultations. Since many DIR fees are tied to your pharmacy performance measures, addressing these opportunities can directly improve your reimbursements. Plus, you're filling an extra statin! 

Hover over Amplicare Impact in your Amplicare menu, and click into the Gap Therapy: Statin report.

Here you can search for a specific patient who could benefit from a statin, sort by last fill date, and filter by "DIR Impact" so you can address opportunities that directly impact your DIR fees

Select an opportunity to expand it. In the opportunity box, you'll see which medication triggered the gap therapy notification. You'll also be able to see whether any action was taken to address the opportunity and you'll be able to "Complete" the opportunity from a list of options. 

At the top of the opportunity box, you'll see the options to print an educational handout for the patient and fax the doctor regarding a statin. 

You can fax the patient's doctor electronically to streamline the communication with the provider. You can choose to include an Rx template at the bottom of the fax for maximum ease for all parties.

In this fax you can also suggest a statin covered by your patient's plan, saving the doctor the step of reaching back out to the pharmacy to ask what statin is covered.  

What's Next?

Statins often have negative side effects, which can contribute to low adherence... Learn more about how to identify opportunities for patients to supplement their medications with an OTC supplement! 

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