While comparing plans with a patient...

You can click a medication from the patient's Drug List, then select the Find Drug Alternative tab from the resulting pop-up.

Alternatively, while helping a patient you might encounter a plan with restrictions. When clicking on Restrictions, you'll see the Find Alternative link to the right of the restricted medications. Click here for the Find Alternative pop-up. 

In the Find Drug Alternative pop-up, you can:

  1. Select a plan to see restrictions and plans specific to that plan. 

  2. Search for a certain alternative medication in the list.

  3. Click the arrow to the left of a drug name to see all the available dosages.

When you select a particular alternative drug and dosage, you'll see the Edit Drug Details pop-up. This is where you can make any changes before replacing the medication in the patient's drug list. Under the drug name and day supply, it will say this is the "Alternative for [the original medication]". You can click revert to return to the original drug.

From the Formulary Lookup... 

You can also look up Therapeutic Alternatives in the Formulary Lookup tool. 

What's Next?

Learn more on how to use the Formulary Lookup tool here! Done updating the patient's drug list? Click here for next steps on how to do a plan comparison!

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