In the Amplicare sidebar, you'll see an option for the "Formulary Lookup". This tool empowers you to quickly compare a medication across plan formularies. 

How it works:

  • Select Formulary Lookup from the sidebar menu.

  • Type and select the medication you're looking for. 

  • Use the information available to make educated decisions.

  1. Search for a specific plan and filter by plan type

  2. Use FIND DRUG ALTERNATIVE to consider similar medications

  3. Sort by columns

Here you can easily compare tiers and pricing between plans, and identify which plans have restrictions and tags (such as MAIL ORDER pictured above).  

When will you use the Formulary Lookup?

  1. When a patient or their doctor calls and asks "Which plan covers this drug?"

  2. When a prospective patient calls and asks what their copay on X drug would be if they filled at your pharmacy. 

  3. When you're wondering which plans reimburse more/less for a certain drug. For example, if you notice you're filling a lot of statins, maybe you should check which statins reimburse you best. (Use the Full Cost column!)

  4. If a patient calls to ask how much memantine costs. Instead of calling their insurance company, you can check the plan here.

  5. When you wonder if there are restrictions on a certain drug. Which plans have which restrictions?

  6. When a patient brings up how their paying too much for a medication, use this tool to help them and create loyalty. You can search it here, and even use the Find Drug Alternative button to find cheaper options for them. 

What's Next?

Follow these steps to dive into finding therapeutic alternatives for your patients!

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