Below is the screen you'll access when you first login to your Admin Panel. Here, you can search for a pharmacy and click anywhere to the left of "Pharmacy Settings" to log into the store at the administrator level. Or, just click "Pharmacy Settings" to make changes to store details and letter templates for that specific location.

*Helpful Hint: Within Pharmacy Settings, keep in mind your ability to apply letter changes across all participating locations with Amplicare. This will save you a lot of time! 

Usage Panel

Now, let's take a closer look at the Usage Panel:

The customizable usage panel presents you with detailed insight into how your pharmacies are performing across certain periods of time.

The headers are as follows:

Patients Helped:
Number of unique patients that had the Medicare Tab opened.

Comparisons Printed or Emailed:
Number of unique patients that either had a plan comparison printed or emailed.

You can access this page by clicking Print Preview in the plans comparison page.

Online Enrollments Started:
Number of unique patients when "Start Enrollment" is clicked on the enroll page, which then redirects them to the plan's direct site or to Medicare's site.

You can access this page by either clicking enroll under the appropriate plan in the patient's profile or in the plans comparison page.

Letters Printed:
Number of unique patients that had a handout printed in these Amplicare Match reports: Open Enrollment, Newly Eligible, or Dual Eligible.

You can access this page by going to one of the listed Match reports above and click Print Handout for a specific patient.

By clicking Download Report, you'll send yourself all usage information in Excel format to your specified email address.

You can hover over the question marks next to all these header titles for even more information. 

Filter and Sort

In the Usage Report, you can Filter to see data over different periods of time, including for Open Enrollment periods over the past few years. You can also Sort by all the header options, last login, or Pharmacy Title. 

What's Next?

If you have never set up your admin account credentials or forgot yours, please reach out to our Customer Success Team at

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