In anticipation of changing patient behavior due to COVID-19, Navigate was developed so that you can offer a value-added digital experience for your Medicare patients this Open Enrollment.

Learn more about the Navigate experience.

Improved connectivity between Navigate & Amplicare

One of the most exciting improvements to Navigate is that it connects to your Amplicare account, allowing you to consult your patients on their Medicare plan options over the phone in a streamlined, digital environment.

Learn more about how you can leverage the connectivity between your patient-facing portal (Navigate) and your pharmacy-facing account (Amplicare) by utilizing "Saved Comparisons".

Maximize enrollments in plans with no DIR fees

There will be a new recommended filter, "Cheapest Plan Is..." which will allow you to enter a specific plan (that's beneficial for the pharmacy) and we will filter out the patients that should enroll in that plan for 2021 (it's the cheapest plan option for them). This filter will be released once we fully analyze the 2021 data in order to properly generate the opportunities. Expected release date by November 1st.

Learn more about the "Cheapest Plan Is..." filter.

Engage your patients with an automated text message campaign

Ensure you're reaching as many Medicare patients as possible this Open Enrollment to spread awareness of your plan comparison service, in just a few clicks! The Open Enrollment automated campaign is included in the Amplicare Match (iMedicare) subscription at no extra cost.

Learn more about the automated Open Enrollment text message campaign.

Improved user management in the admin dashboard

You now have the ability to add multiple Amplicare credentials and set different user "roles" in your admin dashboard.

Learn more about user management and admin access.

Save comparisons to view later

When you select plans to compare, you now have the option to SAVE COMPARISON. In each patient's profile you'll see a new tab, "Saved Comparisons" that you can access at any point to view your previously saved comparisons.

The comparisons saved here will sync to the patient-facing portal, Navigate, allowing for a streamlined experience for your patients. Learn more about leveraging "saved comparisons" to consult with your patients during COVID-19.

Quick-print for Assist notifications

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Amplicare Assist installed on all pharmacy workstations. This version will have a "quick-print" option on all notifications that will reduce the number of clicks in order print a handout, further streamlining your workflow.

What's Next?

Check out our webinar schedule, helping you and your staff learn about the complexities of Medicare plans and what you can do during Open Enrollment to set your business up for success in 2021.

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