There are two types of roles for Amplicare users:

  • Owner (full access)

  • User (single store access)

Owner role access

When owner role's log in to Amplicare they will see an Admin Panel tab on the left:

Access to all pharmacy accounts

They can access any of their pharmacies' Amplicare accounts from this dashboard, in the "Pharmacies" tab.

When they're in a store's specific account, they can click "Settings" to go back to the Admin Panel or switch pharmacy's:

Usage reporting

In the Admin Panel, owners can run plan comparison usage reports across all of their associated pharmacy locations, in the "Usage" tab. Learn how.

User management for all pharmacies

In the "Users" tab, owners can manage all of their associated pharmacies' Amplicare users -- create brand new users and designate their role (owner vs. user).

Getting set up with owner/admin access

Any of the "Owner" roles can provide additional owner access in the Admin Panel (see above). If you're not sure who your account's administrator is or if you don't have one, email and we can help get you set up!

What's Next?

Learn how to run usage reports from the Admin Panel!

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