With the new and improved patient-facing portal, Navigate, you can help your patients compare plans over the phone while still providing a personalized, streamlined experience! Here's how:

STEP 1: Identify your highest priority patients to engage with.

We recommend you prioritize your win-win plan comparison opportunities first.

STEP 2: Go to the patient's Medicare Plans

Select a desired patient's opportunity and "compare plans". Learn more about how to perform a plan comparison.

STEP 3: Select the plans that you want to show your patient

If you're working with a patient that already has a recommended plan identified (i.e. a win-win), you just need to select their current plan and their recommended plan to compare.

STEP 4: Save the Comparison

The saved comparison will appear in the "Saved Comparisons" tab in your Amplicare account for future reference AND it will sync to the patient-facing portal, Navigate.

STEP 5: Call the patient and instruct them on how to access Navigate

Instructions are easily accessible right in the patient's Medicare Plans tab:

Upon login, the patient will be automatically directed to their most recently saved comparison, which you just saved for them! This streamlines their experience so that you don't have to explain what specific plans to select, avoiding any potential distractions with a full plan list.

On your end, simply click the navigatemycare.com link, which is pre-authenticated, so that you can literally be on the same page as your patient in Navigate, in just one click!

What's Next?

Activate your automated Open Enrollment text campaign to engage with your patients and drive them to Navigate in just a few clicks!

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