Your Nutrient Depletion worklist identifies patients who could benefit from an OTC supplement based on their active maintenance medications -- true win-win opportunities to take action on! 

Mutually beneficial

Many common medications deplete vital nutrients in the body, causing patients to experience side effects after a change in their prescription regimen. Adding an OTC supplement can eliminate side effects by counteracting the depletion. In addition, some patients may stop taking their medication as prescribed because the side effects are so unpleasant, so taking a supplement can help improve adherence as well! 

Focusing on increasing your supplement sales with targeted recommendations to your patients allows you to diversify your revenue streams, which is vital to sustaining your business given the losses you can expect from DIR fees. Revenue from front-end sales is an income source unaffected by changing reimbursements and DIR fees. Plus, patients who feel an improvement after taking a supplement will continue to buy bottles, which is recurring revenue with little lift on your end!

How it works

You can access your Nutrient Depletion opportunities at any time by going to "Opportunities" and selecting the Nutrient Depletion worklist from the Worklist dropdown:

Personalized handouts

Each Nutrient Depletion opportunity includes a customizable, personalized handout to help you guide the conversation with your patients. The handouts detail which medications may be causing a depletion, common side effects, and how taking the recommended supplement can benefit the patient's overall health and well-being.

You have the option to include a coupon in the handout and select/un-select the specific supplements to recommend in the handout. 

Opportunity lifecycle

Once a handout is printed the opportunity will automatically move to the "In Progress" section of the report. At any point the opportunity can be marked as "complete" if no further action should be taken ["Supplements were purchased", "Supplements were declined", "Supplements are not needed", "Other reason"]: 

If any opportunity has been in progress (not marked "complete") for more than 30 days it will move back to the "Review" tab for you to follow-up: 

Sort and filter options

The report has sort and filter options to help you pinpoint top priority opportunities. For an example, you can filter by the severity of the depletion:
Severity levels:

  • High: A patient likely experiencing severe nutrient depletion.

  • Medium: An adjunctive therapy recommendation. 

  • Low: A lower classification of an adjunctive therapy recommendation. 

Best practices

Notifications in workflow

Amplicare Assist empowers you to address these opportunities as part of your daily workflow so you don't have to worry about finding the time to log in to another dashboard. Assist will notify you in your dispensing software if a patient you're checking/filling a prescription for would benefit from a supplement. The following notification will appear on the screen:

Then, take the following steps to address the opportunity:

  1. Click "Print Handout" (you'll be taken directly to the Nutrient Depletion handout in Amplicare, no login necessary).

  2. Print the handout.

  3. Staple the handout to the patient's prescription bag.

  4. Use the handout as a conversation starter for when the patient comes by the pharmacy to pick up their medications! 

Tips for workflow success

Tips for successfully increasing supplement purchases

The handout is merely a guide, the best lever to pull is focusing on having successful conversations with your patients. Think of these conversations as educating patients on nutrient depletion, you're not trying to make a "sale". Learn more about how to discuss nutrient depletion with your patients. 

Select the "coupon" option on the handout to incentivize patients to buy a supplement! Plus, collecting the redeemed coupons allows you to track how many handouts converted to a supplement sale. 

Don't select more than three supplements to include in each handout, as to not overwhelm your patients. Prioritize high severity depletions / high profit supplements:

Use one-time campaigns to advertise

If you're subscribed to Amplicare Connect, you can schedule one-time call/text campaigns to patients in your Nutrient Depletion report. This helps spread awareness efficiently to potentially increase supplement sales with minimal effort!

First, use the report's filter options to target your outreach. Then, select all patients and "Schedule Campaign".

What’s next?

Customize your handouts so that they're more personalized to your pharmacy!

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