Amplicare Restore identifies patients who could benefit from an over-the-counter supplement. It's a win-win opportunity, so let's make the most of things!


Many common medications deplete nutrients in the body. Often, this is why patients start feeling lethargic, stiff, or sore after a change in their prescription regimen. Next time they pick up medication from the local pharmacy, adding an Over The Counter (OTC) supplement can make up for the side effect. 

OTC supplements are not part of a prescription regimen. This means patients can pick up a small bottle, try it out, and then make an informed decision after deciding if they feel a difference. 

In some instances, patients may be less adherent to their drug regimen because the side effects are unpleasant. If a supplement can help improve adherence, that's another win!


Since supplements are OTC, this empowers pharmacies to diversify their revenue streams. Nutrient supplements become an income source unaffected by changing reimbursements and DIR fees. Plus, OTC nutrients have a decent profit margin. Once patients feel an improvement in their day-to-day health, the sales repeat themselves. 

Tips and Tricks

Make Amplicare Restore Part of Your Workflow

Some pharmacies are discussing Nutrient Depletion in already scheduled patient consultations. 

If your pharmacy is Assist Eligible, downloading assist is the surest way to identify a Nutrient Depletion opportunity, right in your pharmacy system! When a patient comes in for a refill, this Nutrient Depletion notification will pop up on the screen. Just click it and you'll be taken directly to a printout for this opportunity. 

If you aren't eligible for Assist, take a look at your Nutrient Depletion report daily and sort by Last Refill Date to see patients who'll come in for a refill soon and could benefit from a supplement!

Educate Patients

You don't need to "sell" to your patients. Most people are unaware that some medications deplete nutrients from the body. Once you empower patients with knowledge, they'll better understand a supplement is truly beneficial. That's why the Nutrient Depletion printout contains detailed information on how depletions can affect your patient's health. 

Initiate a Custom Campaign

Amplicare’s automated call feature, Connect, makes reaching out to patients very easy. You can schedule a call or text to your patients! Similarly, you might consider including a message about Nutrient Depletion in your automated phone system that patients hear when calling in. 

One suggestion is letting patients know you offer consultations, and have identified them as someone who could potentially 

*Be sure not to use any language that pushes supplements on to patients (such as "you NEED this") or you could violate Marketing Laws for pharmacies. 

Once you've addressed a patient's opportunity, complete it for your records.

Search, Sort, and Filter

Don't forget the Amplicare Restore Opportunity report has tools to search, filter, and sort. These can help you tailor your efforts to your patients most in need!

What’s next?

Consider editing your Amplicare Restore letter templates to personalize your patient handouts and make them more effective!

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