During Open Enrollment it's important you focus your direct outreach efforts on patients that present valuable opportunities for your business, given the short time span you have. Recommended filters in your Open Enrollment report help you do exactly that. One of these filters, "Cheapest Plan Is..." prompts you to enter a specific plan, and from there we identify the patients for you in which that plan is the cheapest option for them next year.

This allows you to maximize enrollments in independent pharmacy friendly plans that are beneficial for your patients and your business!

Identifying your patients

Click "Opportunities" on the left side panel => the Open Enrollment worklist will be selected by default.

Click the Recommended Filters dropdown and select "Cheapest Plan Is..."

You'll be prompted to enter a plan name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The expected release date for this recommended filter is by November 1st, 2020.

Plans to target

If you're in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Georgia, or Illinois we recommend you filter by the following plans that will have no DIR fees:

  • Indy Health SaverRx (PDP)

  • Indy Health EliteRx Plan (PDP)

If you're in certain counties in North Carolina, we recommend you filter by Troy Medicare (HMO), which is another plan that has no DIR fees.

Historically, independent pharmacies have seen higher margins with regional Medicare Advantage plans, so we suggest filtering by those plans if any are available in your county.


Once you have your patients filtered out, we recommend calling these patients directly since they present such a valuable opportunity to your pharmacy....

What's Next?

Learn best practices for doing Medicare plan consultations over the phone using the patient-facing portal, Navigate!

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