Run into a snag when enrolling a patient in a Part D plan online and cant' figure out why? You may not know that some plans are not authorized to have an online enrollment form. Some Medicare Advantage plans and regional Medicare part D plans do not offer online enrollment. 

If you are visiting the plan's website to see if you can enroll online and are unable to do so, then you may have to take a few extra steps when enrolling this patient. 

First, try and see if there is a paper form on the provider's website that you can print out, fill out and then send to them. All plans must offer this option.

Second, try calling to plan to enroll over the phone. They might also be able to mail your patient a form to print out if that is preferable. Fill out a paper enrollment form. Contact the plan to get an enrollment form, fill it out, and return it to the plan. 

Finally, feel free to call Medicare at 800-633-4227 to enroll if all else fails. 

What's Next?

Here are some best practices for helping patients enroll in a plan!

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