Activate your automated text message campaign to Medicare patients during Open Enrollment to continuously engage with your patients. Here's how:

  1. Log in

  2. Click the "Campaigns" tab on the left

  3. Select "Open Enrollment Eligible Text Reminders"

From here you'll have the ability to activate/deactivate any of the four planned touch-points. All text messages by default will include the following at the end of the message:

Text STOP to opt out.



Do I have to pay for this feature?

Nope! As long as you're subscribed to Amplicare Match (iMedicare) you'll have access to activate this campaign.

Can patients opt-out?

Your patients can opt out from future messaging by texting "STOP" (see default signature text content above). They will automatically appear in your Opt-out List. Learn more about opting out patients from communications.

What will my patients experience when they receive the texts?

The primary purpose of the text messages is to drive your patients to the patient-facing enrollment portal, Navigate. A pre-authenticated link to Navigate is included in each text, so if the patient clicks it they will be automatically sent to Navigate. They will just need to enter their date of birth for double verification.

Navigate was developed to be mobile friendly, however, we understand selecting a Medicare plan is a big decision that most people will not feel comfortable doing from a cellphone. Which is why the main call-to-action on the mobile version of Navigate is to have the patient enter their email address and be sent information on how to access Navigate from a desktop.

Once your patients are in Navigate, they will see your pharmacy's branding if you have your logo uploaded in your account settings. Learn how.

You also have the option to add your pharmacy's phone number on the header in the Navigate portal as a general call-for-help number. By default this number will direct to our pharmacy-friendly broker partner, HPOne, but if you would like this changed to YOUR pharmacy's number just send us an email at

Learn more about what your patients will experience when they log in to Navigate.

Campaign Specifications

Eligible patient audience

Top 500 Open Enrollment eligible patients (have an open, not completed Open Enrollment opportunity) in terms of total billings that also have:

  1. No "plan comparison activity" since the start of current open enrollment (October 15th)

  2. No call/text received in the past 7 days (from any campaign)

  3. Are not newly eligible


  1. Texts will be distributed evenly Tuesday - Friday among the interval 10am-5pm local time, no more than 100 texts a day

Touch-point 1

  • When: First week of Open Enrollment

  • Content: Hi, Medicare plans change their coverage annually. Now until Dec. 7th you can enroll in a new plan during Open Enrollment. Click here to review your options: {{link to}}

Text STOP to opt out.



Touch-point 2

  • When: Beginning of November

  • Content: Hi, Are you satisfied with your Medicare plan? You can enroll in a new plan for 2021 until Dec. 7th. Review your options at {{link to}}

Text STOP to opt out.



Touch-point 3

  • When: mid-November

  • Content: Hi, Make sure your Medicare plan will keep you covered next year. Compare your options before Dec. 7th at {{link to}}

Text STOP to opt out.



Touch-point 4

  • When: beginning of December

  • Content: Medicare Open Enrollment ends on Dec. 7th. Go to your plan finder {{{link to}} to review your options. Call (888) 404-1506 to speak with a licensed representative for additional support. They will ask for your Customer ID: {{Customer ID}}

Text STOP to opt out.



What's Next?

If you prefer customization over efficiency when it comes to these engagement campaigns, we recommend you schedule custom, one-time campaigns! Learn best practices for executing these campaigns during Open Enrollment.

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