Text Campaign FAQs

Which of my patients will receive a text message?

  • If you opt in to the open enrollment (“AEP”) automated text campaign, your top 500 Medicare eligible patients in terms of total billings will be included in the campaign. They must also fit the following criteria to be included:No plan comparison activity since the start of Open EnrollmentNo call or text received in the past seven days

  • If you opt in to the newly eligible (“IEP”) automated text campaign, your patients who will soon turn 65 or recently turned 65 and who filled a medication in the past 18 months will be included in the campaign.

When will my patients receive a text message?

  • Each campaign (IEP and AEP) will have four touchpoints , but you have the option to deactivate any of those touchpoints.

  • If you opt in to the open enrollment (“AEP”) automated text campaign, your patients could receive up to four text messages from October 15th to December 7th.

  • If you opt in to the newly eligible (“IEP”) automated text campaign, your patients could receive up to four text messages during their initial eligibility period: Three months prior to their 65th birthday month, one month prior to their 65th birthday month, the month they turn 65, and one month after they turn 65.

  • You will have the option to “deactivate” any of the aforementioned text message touchpoints to decrease the frequency as you see fit.

Can I edit the text message content?

  • At this time, you will not have the ability to edit the text message content for the automated campaign. With that said, you always have the option to execute your own text campaign for your Medicare patients using Amplicare’s one-off campaign feature. You will need to manage them manually (they will not be automated).

Can my patients opt out from receiving additional text messages?

  • Yes. All text messages by default include instructions for the patient to “Text STOP to opt out.” If they do so, they will be added to your opt-out list and will not receive any future text messages.

Can my patients respond to the text message directly?

  • At this time the campaign does not support two-way texting.

What is the difference between Navigate and Medicare.gov?

  • In Navigate, patient drug lists are auto-uploaded so they do not need to manually enter medications.

  • Patients only see plans in-network with YOUR pharmacy.

  • Patients have easy access to return to the portal and to review their information.

How do patients access Navigate?

  • Navigate requires an Enroll ID. A patient's Enroll ID can quickly be found in their Amplicare profile right below their drug list. Search for the patient on the homepage and the click "Medicare Plans."

  • Additionally, a patient's Enroll ID is automatically generated and added to the following Amplicare handouts:Newly Eligible handout/letterOpen Enrollment Eligible handout/letterPlan comparison printout or email

  • Your pharmacy can send patients text messages and include a link for them to access Navigate in a single click.

What is the advantage for the pharmacy if patients will just bypass the pharmacy to compare and enroll in plans?

  • Navigate helps you engage with as many patients as possible to increase loyalty while freeing up your time to focus on high priority patients to work with directly (e.g., patients with win-win plan comparison opportunities that can increase pharmacy profit).

  • Some pharmacies have a very large number of Medicare patients, making it impossible to compare plans for everyone. By using Navigate, patients are guaranteed to stay in a plan that is in-network for your pharmacy.

  • Patients may still want to remain socially distant this fall and Navigate provides you with a way to still help your patients compare their plan options. You can call your patients and explain how they can log in to the patient portal, then walk them through the comparison over the phone.

Do I need to opt in to the direct mail and/or text campaigns to use Navigate?

  • No, all pharmacies subscribed to Match have free access to Navigate. The campaigns are an independent set of communications to facilitate your efforts to engage Medicare patients.

Why does Amplicare send some enrollments to an online broker/agent and not Medicare.gov?

  • Online broker/agent partners with the vast majority of carriers. Amplicare partners with online broker/agents so that it can track the enrollment process for each patient. If a patient enrolls via an online broker/agent, Amplicare receives that information and updates the patient’s profile. This improves plan detection to provide the pharmacy with more win-win opportunities and updates our auto-call and text campaigns to no longer reach out to patients if they enrolled.

  • NOTE: In 2019, online broker/agents sent “confirmation” mailers to patients. This was a mistake and not a part of the relationship. These mailers were discontinued as soon as pharmacies informed Amplicare.

Does Amplicare share data with online broker/agents?

  • No. If a patient enrolls in a plan that works with an online broker/agent, only then will online broker/agents receive their information. Online broker/agents sends this information to the insurance carrier, but should not be using it in any other way.

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