Adding a new patient:

On the Find Patient page, select the Add New Patient link under the search bar. You'll be prompted to search for the patient's zip code, select the correct county, and enter patient information. 

Amplicare's integration process will pull all the patient profiles in your pharmacy system. Manually add a patient if they haven't filled at your pharmacy, or if they filled on the same day you'd like to use a functionality in Amplicare for the patient, as data can take some time to update. 

Adding a new drug:

If you need to price a drug that is not currently on the patient's list, click the Add Drug link on the upper right of the patient's Drug List in the Medicare tab. 

Search the desired drug in the pop up window, and add each drug with correct dosage, days supply, and quantity. 

If you need to customize the prescription refill dates, click the Customize Refill Dates (optional) box. The box will expand so you can enter your desired start and end dates. Click ADD DRUG. If you can't find a drug, this could be why.

What's Next?

Now that you've added a patient, learn how how to perform a Medicare Part D plan comparison or try out a Medicare Advantage Plan comparison! 

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