To upload your pharmacy’s logo, go into your "Settings" toward the bottom of your Amplicare Menu. Then, click "Handout Settings" (or, just click here). You'll see an option to upload your Header Logo. Simply click "upload" and select the appropriate file from your computer.

If you require assistance resizing your logo, please send an email with your logo attached to If you don't have a logo, we can upload a generic one for you; just let us know!

In this view, you can also easily adjust your Header Layout and Header Content. 

Edit a Template

Scroll down to see all your letter/handout and fax templates. Click "Edit" to the right of the template that you would like personalize:

The following edit screen will appear:

You'll be able to edit the English and Spanish versions of your template. Check out our tips for advanced editing (e.g., how to increase the font size).

Editing letters/handouts from a report

You also have the ability to edit your templates from any report when you open an opportunity to address. Make sure you're in the "Print Handout" tab and then select "Edit Template" on the top right:

Add a Coupon

For any Amplicare letter/handout for patients, there's an option to include and customize a coupon. Including a coupon on a letter/handout has a two-fold benefit:

  1. It further incentivizes your patients to engage with the pharmacy and take action. 

  2. It keeps track of the letter/handout conversions (each coupon collected equals one successfully converted handout)

You'll see the option to add a coupon at the top of the handout (see picture above). Select "Edit Template" and scroll down to edit the content:

Once you've customized your letter/handout appropriately, you're ready to print! Don't forget to remove any unwanted URLs and dates before printing.

What's Next? 

Learn best practices for personalizing your doctor letters when using Amplicare Impact! 

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