Win-win opportunities

As you know, seniors have a higher risk of developing pneumonia. In fact, in the U.S., there are about a million hospitalizations and about 50,000 deaths due to pneumonia each year. A Prevnar pneumococcal vaccine can help reduce the risk of illness. As a pharmacist, you are in a unique position to provide this clinical service, given that you engage with your patients more often than other healthcare providers. Administering vaccines not only helps your patients, but also benefits the pharmacy by strengthening an alternative, non-rx, revenue stream. With margins diminishing, diversifying your revenue has never been more important to focus on!

Report overview

Opportunities are generated in the Prevnar 13 Vaccination report for patients who match the following criteria:

  • 65+ years old
  • Active (filled at the pharmacy within the past 3 months)
  • Does not have a Prevnar vaccination in their drug refill history (based on the refill data from your dispensing software)
  • Detected to have a Medicare plan (most Medicare plans will cover the cost of the vaccination)

You can access your Prevnar opportunities at any time by going to "Opportunities" and selecting “Prevnar 13 Vaccination” from the Worklist dropdown.

Personalized handouts

Each Prevnar opportunity includes a personalized educational handout to help you guide the conversation with your patients. The handouts detail the benefits of the Prevnar vaccination and are completely customizable, including the letterhead and logo. You also have the option to include a coupon in the handout to further grab the attention of your patients.

Opportunity lifecycle

Once a handout is printed, the opportunity will automatically move to the "In Progress" section of the report. If a Prevnar vaccine was administered to the patient (based on your dispensing software data), the opportunity will move to the “Completed” section of the report. If an in-progress opportunity isn’t moved to the “Completed” section 30 days after the handout is printed, it will move back into “Review” for follow-up action to be taken.

At any point, the opportunity can be marked as "Complete" if no further action should be taken:

Workflow overview

The power of the Prevnar report is driven by Amplicare Assist, the workflow automation tool. Assist enables you to address Prevnar opportunities as part of your daily workflow so you don't have to worry about finding the time to log in to another dashboard. Assist will notify you in your dispensing software if a patient you're checking/filling a prescription for would benefit from a Prevnar vaccination.

You will only be notified about opportunities in the “Review” section of the report.

What's Next?

Learn more about Assist workflow best practices!

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