If your pharmacy is planning on making or has already made business operation changes in response to COVID-19, it would be beneficial to proactively communicate these updates to your patients. Here's how:

Record your voice message

First, decide whether you want to send phone calls only, text messages only, or both. If you decide to incorporate phone calls, you'll need to record a voice message

Select patients for outreach

Then, to schedule the campaign, go to your Patients report:

Filter the report to get to a reasonable number of patients to include in the outreach. We recommend at least adding the filter "Active Patients" = "Yes":

Select a patient, "Select All", and "Schedule Campaign":

Customize your campaign

  • Campaign title

  • Campaign type

  • Number of messages / per day: Expect some patient call-backs as a result of the outreach, and limit this appropriately. Depending on the number of messages going out per day and the total number of messages scheduled, the campaign may span multiple days.

  • "Start today" or "Start tomorrow": Provide enough time to communicate internally to your staff by selecting "Start tomorrow".

  • Campaign time interval: Ensure this aligns with your pharmacy business hours (preferably during an interval in which your pharmacy is less busy). 

  • Text message content (if applicable)

  • "Person Answering" voice recording (if applicable): Select the corresponding voice message you recorded earlier. 

  • "Machine Answering" voice recording is not required.

Learn more best practices about campaign customization options.

Once you're ready, select "Schedule Messages"!

Review the campaign criteria

Carefully review the information on the following screen before you "Confirm". Pay special attention to the text message content and/or play back the voice recording to ensure the appropriate messaging will be sent. Also, pay close attention to the number of messages being scheduled to ensure accuracy:

What's Next?

Once your messages are scheduled, check the status of the campaign at any point in Manage Campaigns

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