DocStation is a software platform connecting payers and pharmacists to decrease health benefit spend and improve patient outcomes. Amplicare integrates with DocStation to help you address tasks in your daily workflow. This integration is available for Amplicare customers who also have DocStation.

Key features

To access your DocStation report, go to Opportunities and select the "DocStation" from the worklist dropdown. 

From here you'll see all of your DocStation opportunities. All tasks for a patient are centralized into a single opportunity in the report. 

Task types to review:

  • New Medication

  • Non-Adherence

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Immunization Screening

  • Hemoglobin A1c Monitoring

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring

  • Transition of Care

  • COVID-19 Assessment (optional for all patients)

Opportunity lifecycle

The opportunities are categorized by their status in DocStation:

  • "All" = All patients with tasks

  • "Review" = All tasks for a patient are "Not Addressed"

  • "In Progress" = At least one task for a patient is "Addressed" or "Snoozed," but not all of them

  • "Completed" = All tasks for a patient are "Addressed"


Ensure Amplicare Assist is installed to receive notifications in your dispensing software about your DocStation opportunities and take action at the perfect moment in workflow.  

A notification will appear when you're filling/checking a medication fill for a patient with DocStation tasks to take action on:

Clicking "Review" will take you right to the opportunity overview in Amplicare (no login needed!), at which point you can "Open DocStation" to be taken directly to the intervention in DocStation:

What's Next?

Learn more about customizing your Amplicare Assist settings to best fit your pharmacy workflow! 

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