All campaigns (ongoing or one-time) have several customization options to help you engage with your patients successfully.

Campaign type

  • Text message with phone call fallback: A text will be sent to the primary phone number on file, but if the text fails (i.e. the number is not a mobile number) a phone call will be sent instead.

  • Text message only: Only text messages will be scheduled. If the text fails (i.e. the number is not a mobile number) the patient will not receive anything.

  • Phone call only: Only phone calls will be scheduled.

Campaign time interval

Select what time interval you'd like the messages to be delivered during. You have the option to select any interval among the timeframe 8am - 8pm (local time).

For automated campaigns, we recommend an interval during which your pharmacy is less busy (i.e. 10am - 5pm).

Campaign message content

Text messages: The shorter the better! We have a recommended character count, but you can exceed this count, in which case the patient will receive more than a single text. You do not need to include your pharmacy's name/number. By default every text will have a "signature" that includes your pharmacy's name and phone number. 

Learn more about text messaging best practices, including how to use "placeholders". 

Voice messages: We recommend that the person who records the message has a voice that will resonate with your patients. For an example, someone they're most likely familiar with or someone with a great "phone voice". 

Email if you would like someone on our team with a nice phone voice to record the message for you! 

What's next? 

We have sample scripts (both text messages and phone calls) for all of our automated campaigns and for our most commonly used one-time campaigns. Check them out

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