STEP 1: Helping Your Patients Choose a Plan and Enroll

If your patient would like a comprehensive plan comparison, you can offer them one by going to their Profile > Medicare Plans and entering the Patient Portal, which is tailored to that patient’s drug list! Or you can access the patient engagement portal directly by going to to and enter the patient’s Enroll ID (found in Amplicare) and zip code.

STEP 2: Select appropriate plan type(s) to review based on the patient’s current plan and their preferences 

  1. Medicare Advantage Plans: plans that provide coverage for Medicare Parts A, B, and D all-in-one. You can find more information on Medicare Advantage plans here!   
  2. Part D Plans: stand-alone prescription drug plans.
  3. Special Needs Plans: “special” Medicare Advantage Plans that only certain patients can qualify for based on their needs. 
  4. Supplement Plans (Medigap): a supplemental plan option that provides additional health coverage. Patients enrolled in Advantage Plans are NOT eligible for Medigap plans.  

STEP 3: Adjust the “Sort” based on patient’s preferences

 By default, the plans will be sorted by “Total Prescription Drug Cost Out-Of-Pocket”

STEP 4: You can select which plans you would like to compare and click on Compare Plans in the bottom right corner. 

STEP 5: Review the plans’ information with the patient

  1. Total out-of-pocket cost (sum of drug copays and monthly premium payments)
  2. Drug restrictions (more information on the different restrictions can be found here!)
  3. Premium & Deductible
  4. Plan “Star Rating” (evaluated by CMS)

You’ll be brought to the Monthly Cost page, which will show the breakdown of the copays throughout the year. 

STEP 6: Once the patient has chosen their plan, you can click Enroll Now to begin the application process. 

What’s Next?

Use our outreach scripts to help guide your phone call and text campaigns!

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