Notification history

Access your Assist notification history to see what notifications were displayed recently in your pharmacy’s workflow. These opportunities indicate patients who recently visited your pharmacy or will be coming in soon to pick up their medication refills. Act on these highly relevant opportunities by printing the associated handout. 

Snoozed notifications

Amplicare Assist notifications have a snooze functionality! Don’t have time to address an opportunity, but interested in reviewing it later? All you have to do is click the “snooze” icon when the notification appears:

Then, click the Assist widget to quickly view and address your snoozed opportunities whenever you have time:

Note that the widget can be moved anywhere on your screen. If you'd like to remove the snooze widget, see this article about customizing your Assist notifications.

You must have the latest version of Assist installed in order to have access to the "snooze" feature. The most up-to-date version can be installed here.   

What's Next?

Are you receiving too many notifications? Learn how to customize your Assist settings to reduce alert fatigue. 

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