All of Amplicare's worklists have a similar structure, to help you manage the lifecycle of your actionable opportunities. 


First, to access any of your opportunities, click the "Opportunities" tab on the left side panel. Then, filter by the "Worklist" dropdown.


Use "Recommended Filters" and "Advanced Filters" to target your high priority opportunities.

Opportunity Statuses

Opportunities will fall into different categories of the worklist, depending on their status. Opportunities can automatically change their status based on the behavior that we detect AND you can manually adjust the status of an opportunity by clicking the dropdown arrow on the right side of the opportunity.

ALL: All open (non-completed) opportunities.

REVIEW: Opportunities that need to be reviewed because they 1) haven't had any actions taken on them yet or 2) the last action that was taken was over 30 days ago and the opportunity hasn't been completed yet.

IN PROGRESS: Opportunities in which an action has been taken to progress the opportunity to completion. 

COMPLETED: Opportunities in which no further action can/should be taken. 

What's next?

Most of Amplicare's opportunities provide the option to print a patient handout to take action on the opportunity. Ensure your letter/handout templates are personalized to your liking!

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