Hover your mouse over the "Help" tab to view your training & support options:

You'll then be met with the following options:

Webinars & Video Tutorials

Here you'll find our webinar schedule where you can register for a training webinar. During each webinar you'll have the opportunity to ask questions to a live moderator. Specialized, limited series, webinars for Amplicare customers will also be posted on this page.


Here you'll find helpful, printable, resources categorized by:

  • Marketing: Resources for you to advertise your pharmacy's services (i.e your plan comparison service!). 

  • User Guides: Product user guides to disseminate internally among your staff.  

  • Industry Education: Educational materials that are useful to print off for internal training purposes (help train your staff) AND external purposes (help your patients understand the complexities of Medicare)

Support & FAQ

Follow this option to find a collection of articles to guide you, including a "search" feature so you can type in questions/phrases and quickly find the most relevant article to suit your needs. 

What's new?

Here you'll be taken right to our product updates collection, where you can stay up-to-date on how Amplicare is continuously improving to help pharmacies!  

What's Next?

If you're having difficulty with getting started, we encourage you to sign up for a personal training with a member of our Customer Success team! 

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