Once you've helped your patient compare plans and decide upon a plan to enroll in, you can walk through them the plan enrollment process. 

Option A: Help the patient enroll immediately

On the Medicare Plans tab or the Monthly Cost page, you'll see an “Enroll Now” button for each plan listed. Click this button to walk the patient through the online enrollment. 

Note: a small number of plans do not have Online Enrollment capability and require a phone call.

Plans integrated with our technology partner will preload patient information onto the application forms, saving time and reducing typos! It is still recommended that you verify the content rendered onto the form fields.


Plans with online enrollment applications - but without an application integration - will redirect to Medicare.gov’s enrollment gateway:

Option B: Provide enrollment instructions to the patient

Alternatively, if you're strapped for time, click “Print Preview” on the “Monthly Cost” page to generate a plan comparison report of the plans selected. 

You have the option to select “Enroll Online”, which will display a code that can be used by the patient to load the plan comparison results online for enrollment in the comfort of their home.  

Instructions for enrolling over the phone will always be included.

What's Next? 

Learn more about what to do after you help your patient enroll in a plan!

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