Once you've helped your patient compare plans and decide upon a plan to enroll in, there are multiple options for helping them actually enroll in the plan. This article will explain these options, along with important best practices in order to minimize potential enrollment errors and confusion (spoiler: online enrollment is significantly more beneficial for you and your patients over phone enrollments). Read on to learn more!

Option A: Help the patient enroll immediately

On the Medicare Plans tab or the Monthly Cost page, you'll see an “Enroll Now” button for each plan listed. Click this button to walk the patient through the online enrollment. 

You will be taken to the patient-facing portal, Navigate, to "Start online enrollment":

From here, the online enrollment experience will follow one of the following two situations:

  • IF the plan is brokered with our insurance broker partner you will be redirected to their online application with information pre-filled for a streamlined experience.

  • IF the plan is not brokered with our insurance broker partner you will be redirected to medicare.gov where you will be prompted to enter the patient's zip code first. Then, you'll need to scroll through the list of plans and select "Enroll" on the plan the patient intends to enroll in.

Note: there are a small number of plans that don't support online enrollment, in which case we'll provide the appropriate message in lieu of the "Start online enrollment" button.

Option B: Provide enrollment instructions to the patient

Alternatively, if you're strapped for time, click “Generate Report” on the “Monthly Cost” page to generate a plan comparison report of the plans selected, which can be printed or emailed

In this report, you have the option to select “Enroll Online”, which will include instructions for the patient to access the patient-facing portal, Navigate, and submit their enrollment application online.

Instructions for enrolling over the phone will always be included in the plan comparison report, however we highly recommend including online enrollment instructions as there are multiple benefits for online enrollments over phone enrollments. Learn more.

Regardless of whether the online enrollment instructions are included or not, we will always include an "Enrollment ID". The patient may be asked to provide this information if they call to enroll in a plan that's brokered with our insurance broker partner.

This report can be printed OR emailed directly to the patient.

Other tips for success:

  • Always provide your patient with the above report of their comparison (or of just a single plan) in order for them to enroll, as they may need their Enrollment ID even if they call to enroll.

  • If you do not provide a printout, you MUST provide your patient with their Customer ID, even if you just write it down or provide it verbally over the phone.

  • Be sure you communicate what the Enrollment ID is to your patients so they're prepared and have a streamlined enrollment experience if they choose to call to enroll.

  • Leverage the option to email the comparison report if your patients aren't comfortable coming into the pharmacy due to COVID-19.

What's Next? 

Learn more about the benefits of online enrollments over phone enrollments.

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