Win-win Open Enrollment opportunities consist of patients who have a plan option for the upcoming year that is cheaper than their current plan AND brings higher revenues to your pharmacy, taking into account estimated DIR fees!

Patients included in this recommended filter present win-win opportunities where you can help the patient enroll in a plan that's mutually beneficial for them and the pharmacy. It's important you capitalize on these needle-in-the-haystack opportunities. 

Here's how:

Step 1: 

Log in to your Amplicare account and go to your "Opportunities". The Open Enrollment Eligible worklist should be selected from the dropdown.

Step 2:

Select the "Top Opportunities" filter from the Recommended Filters dropdown.

Step 3: 

Sort by "Increased Profit":

The information displayed on the overview of the opportunity will allow you to easily gauge the opportunity potential and identify your highest priority patients:

Step 4: 

Engage with these high priority patients to ensure they consult with you and enroll in the more suitable plan!  

  • Initiate a free call/text campaign. Learn more about how to schedule a call/text campaign.

  • Generate letters for a letter campaign. Learn more about best practices for letter campaigns.

  • Call these patients directly if you can! Because these opportunities are so vital for you to address, we recommend you follow up with these patients with direct phone calls to ensure they meet with you before Open Enrollment ends! 

What's Next?

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