Top “Win-Win” Opportunities

There's a NEW recommended filter in your Open Enrollment Eligible worklist -- Top Opportunities (aka "win-wins"). Your top opportunities consist of patients currently enrolled in a plan that will not be the most affordable option for them next year AND the most affordable plan option for them next year will provide higher revenues for the pharmacy, taking into account estimated DIR fees. Learn more about win-win opportunities. 

The following recommended filters will also be released soon (same as last year):

  • More Affordable Plan Option 

  • Not Covered Drugs Next Year

  • Formulary Restrictions Next Year

Free Call & Text Campaigns for Medicare Patients

This Open Enrollment, schedule call and text message campaigns to your Medicare patients through Amplicare — for free! 

All you need to do is select a segment of patients to target, and then “Schedule Campaign.” 

Learn more about Open Enrollment call/text campaigns.

New & Improved Patient Portal

The Patient Portal is an additional tool in your toolbox to help you engage with as many patients as possible and maximize patient retention. Instructions to access the portal can be included in all Open Enrollment handouts and plan comparison reports.

Last Open Enrollment (in 2018), the initial version of the patient portal was released. Now, get ready for Patient Portal 2.0! Significant improvements were made to the portal to better help your patients while increasing their loyalty to your pharmacy. 

  • The patient’s medication list is now loaded into the portal, with the ability for the patient to edit the drug list.

  • There’s an FAQ section in the portal to help guide your patients if they have questions.   

  • The most exciting update is that the portal will reflect your pharmacy’s brand! All you need to do is ensure you have an updated logo uploaded here that includes your pharmacy’s name. Learn more about adding your logo to the Patient Portal.

You won’t be able to consult 1-on-1 with all of your Medicare patients, so leveraging the Patient Portal for your patients enables you to focus on more high-touch efforts for your high priority Medicare patients!

Medigap Plan Finder

This new feature allows you to help your patients find a Medigap policy that can provide additional coverage for their out-of-pocket health costs. Patients who recently enrolled in Original Medicare with a regular Medicare Part D plan (NOT Medicare Advantage) for the first time can especially benefit from these comparisons as their Medigap Open Enrollment period could be ending soon.

Learn more about comparing Medigap policies. 

Doctor Lookup

This new feature improves the ease of conducting Medicare Advantage plan comparisons. You can now add doctors to your patient’s profile, at which point we’ll specify whether the doctor is in-network or not with each Medicare Advantage plan. 

Learn more about the Doctor Lookup. 

Updated Resources

We have new Open Enrollment marketing materials to help you advertise your plan comparison service to your community! Download and print them out here.

What's Next?

Learn more about Open Enrollment best practices!

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