SmartDispense is a report for PDS pharmacies that identifies opportunities to increase revenue through potential medication alternatives for certain patients. 

Here are a few friendly reminders for using the SmartDispense report:

  1. You may not change a drug without authorization from the patient’s prescribing provider. Unless switching is allowed under the law, like in the case of an AB rated generic equivalent, the medication prescribed by the patient’s provider should be the medication that is dispensed to the patient. You may offer to speak to the patient’s prescribing provider when discussing alternatives with the patient, but the patient’s prescribing provider must be the one to make any other changes to patient’s prescriptions.

  2. Do not steer patients toward a particular medication solely for a higher profit margin for the pharmacy. The business information provided is presented for your informational purposes only and should not be part of your discussion with the patient or the patient’s prescribing provider. 

  3. Do not offer incentives to patients or their prescribing providers to influence their decision to switch to a particular medication. 

Next Steps

Learn how to use the SmartDispense worklist here!

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