The Nearby Pharmacy Tool can help you determine whether plans are in-network, preferred, or non-preferred at nearby pharmacies!

  1. Select the Patient’s name you would like to lookup.

  2. Select the Medicare plans option from the patient’s profile. 

  3. Select the Nearby Pharmacy drop down.

  4. Type in the name of the Pharmacy you would like to compare.

  5. Evaluate the preferred status and estimated cost at the other pharmacy.

The Nearby Pharmacy tool uses aggregate data to calculate drug pricing. This aggregate provides a close estimate, but since we do not have direct access to the data for non-customers, the estimated out-of-pocket costs should not be used to compare to the estimated out-of-pocket costs reflected at your pharmacy (your pharmacy's data is accurate, of course)

What’s Next?

See how to use the Nearby Pharmacy tool while doing a plan comparison!

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