Cell Phone identification

Text messaging through Amplicare just got better! We can detect if a patient’s primary phone number is a cell phone, even if it’s not marked specifically as one in your pharmacy management system. People are generally more receptive to text messages than phone calls. So, this new capability makes your engagement more powerful, as we’re able to send text messages to a significantly increased number of patients.

What this means for you 

If you’re interested in spreading awareness among your patients eligible for Medicare plan comparisons, we recommend you initiate an engagement campaign and leverage the text message option

If you’re subscribed to Amplicare Connect, we highly recommend you enter text message content for all of your automated campaigns as well, to increase their effectiveness.

Here's an example:

In this example, the patient will receive a text message that will look like this:

There's no need to add your pharmacy's name, number, or instructions to opt-out, as this info is added automatically to every text message!

Flu Vaccination report is live

It’s that time of year again! Your Flu Vaccination report is now live in Amplicare. In order to be notified in your pharmacy management system about patients to recommend a flu vaccination to, adjust your Assist settings and toggle the Flu Vaccination notifications to “active”:

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