Medicare Advantage plans have limited doctor networks, so not all plans will allow the patient to see certain doctors. It's necessary that patients confirm the doctor network for any Medicare Advantage plan that they're considering. 

Confirm doctor network status in Amplicare

First ensure all of their doctors are entered into their profile appropriately:

Amplicare will auto-detect the patient's primary care physician. Additional doctors that the patient would like to confirm network status for will need to be added to their "Doctors" list.

Then, Amplicare will do the rest! Advantage Plans will list "Network Restrictions" if any of the doctors in the list aren't in-network:

"Unknown" status = Doctor's network status with the plan is unknown. Determine doctor network with the doctor directly.

Confirm with the doctor

Amplicare receives doctor network information from the national doctor database, which is regularly updated. However, we still highly recommend that the patient always confirms with their doctor whether they will accept a certain Medicare Advantage plan or not.

What's Next?

Medicare Advantage plan comparisons are more involved because they're all-inclusive plans that cover health benefits along with prescription drug benefits. 

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