Amplicare and PDS combined forces to create an improved experience for their mutual customers. No more downloading opportunities into an Excel spreadsheet or using RxNumbers to map to specific patients – your workflow to perform therapeutic optimization is now completely streamlined right in the Amplicare platform

To access your SmartDispense (formerly known as "RxAnalytics") worklist, log in to your Amplicare account, click "Opportunities", and select the "PDS SmartDispense" option from the “Worklist”dropdown: 

Your SmartDispense worklist identifies patients who can change one or more of their medications to a therapeutic alternative that is more profitable for your pharmacy. 

Worklist structure

  • Leverage the sorting and filtering options to prioritize your high value opportunities:

  • Tabs in the report categorize your opportunities by stage, to help you organize and progress your opportunities with ease. 

Lifecycle of an opportunity 

The "Review" tab of your report will show you all the opportunities that have been flagged for you to take action on. 

Taking action on opportunities

Use the recommended filters to take action on your "top opportunities" first. These opportunities have high confidence levels and high estimated margins:

Once an action has been taken, change the status of the opportunity appropriately by clicking the dropdown arrow:

Once an opportunity is marked as "in progress" it will move to the "In Progress" tab of the worklist. If the status remains unchanged for over 30 days after being moved to “In Progress”, the opportunity will move back into the “Review” stage for follow-up action. This way you don’t need to worry about in progress opportunities slipping through the cracks, and you can prioritize your focus to consistently take action on the opportunities in “Review”.

It's beneficial to take the necessary actions to fully review all opportunities to cast a wide net, however, not all opportunities will progress for various reasons. Record these reasons appropriately by updating the "status" of the opportunity. This way, your work is documented and the opportunity will move out of the “Review” queue, allowing you to focus on the opportunities that need further action.

Completing opportunities

Regularly check on your opportunities "In Progress" to follow up and move them along appropriately. When the status of the opportunity changes to an outcome in which no further action can be taken, update the status appropriately so that the opportunity moves into the "Completed" section of the worklist:

What's Next?

If you’d like to learn how to maximize the value from your SmartDispense opportunities, reach out to your PDS Performance Specialist or open a case in PDSadvantage! Click here for more information on how to manage your PDS cases. 

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