It is crucial to check your patient’s drug list before helping them do a plan comparison. The list of plan options available to the patient is based on what medications they are taking. If you see that the patient’s drug list is not accurate, you will need to update it.

How it works

In rare cases, the drug list displayed in the patient's Amplicare profile doesn’t reflect the most up-to-date refill information based on the data imported from your pharmacy management system. If we detect that this is the case, you'll see a red box at the top of the patient's drug list, calling for you to “update drug list:”

Click the link so the drug list reflects the most up-to-date refill information.

Forcing a drug list update

You always have the option to “force” a drug list update even if you don’t see the red box. To do this, manually remove a drug from the patient’s drug list. Any other changes will not make the “update drug list” box populate until there are brand new refills in our data.

To remove a medication from a patient’s drug list, click on the medication you want to remove and "Delete drug". This will trigger the "update drug list" box to appear.

When should I force an update for a patient’s drug list?

There are instances when a patient’s drug list is adjusted to find the best plan for a patient. In these cases, it will be beneficial to force a drug list update so that the drug list is re-synced to reflect accurate info:

1. Adding or removing a medication

You can add or remove a medication from the drug list to see how much a plan will cost a patient. If you are adding or removing multiple medications, you may not remember all of the medications that were included originally.

2. Deactivating or activating a medication

You can deactivate or activate a medication from the drug list to see how it can impact your DIR fees. Again, you may not remember which medications were activated initially. Sometimes you can also deactivate or activate a medication by accidentally clicking on the toggle button next to the medication. 

Keep in mind that this will not trigger the box to appear for you to update the drug list. Remember, in order to force the option to re-sync it to the original drug list, you will need to manually remove a medication.

3. Training purposes

Someone at Amplicare may be training you on how to use our products and you are curious as to how finding a Medicare plan works. Most of our customers will make adjustments to the drug list to see how the plan information changes.

After you have made any of these adjustments to a patient’s drug list, it is highly recommended that you sync the patient’s drug list so that you have an accurate representation of data for the future.

What’s Next?

Now that you know how to sync a patient’s drug list when needed, learn how to perform a plan comparison and help them find a plan that is well-suited to their medications!

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