Perhaps you're helping a patient enroll in a Medicare Part D plan for the first time, or perhaps they qualify for one of these special Medigap enrollment periods. Here's how you can help them select a Medicare Supplement Insurance (or Medigap) plan:  

Step 1:

In the patient's Medicare Plans tab, you'll see the following options to filter by plan type. 

Select "Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans"

Step 2:

You'll see a box requesting further patient information. Enter the  information and hit Save.

Medigap plans can increase premiums for tobacco users. It may be tempting for a patient to lie here if they smoke or otherwise use tobacco, but if the Medigap plan carrier discovers evidence of tobacco use in their medical records they can be labeled as committing fraud.

Step 3:

 You'll be shown the Medigap plans available in the patient's area. 

You'll see the plan name and type, as well as the monthly premium and the deductibles for each Part of Medicare.

The Deductibles listed here replace the standard deductibles for Original Medicare (Parts A and B). Some plans have deductibles applicable to Part A and Part B, but others only have a deductible for one of these. Others still may have one mixed deductible applicable to both parts of Original Medicare combined. 

In the Medigap plan box you'll also see: 

  1. Plan Info: Click the link for a detailed PDF on what this plan offers. You can print this for the patient's records, or review it with the patient at the pharmacy. 

  2. Included Benefits: Here's where you'll see the special coverage options this Supplemental plan offers. In this case, the plan will cover Part B Excess Charges (health charges exceeding the Medicare rate) and Skilled Nursing. 

  3. Enrollment Info: Help the patient enroll in the plan online via our Patient Portal after turning on Patient View.  

Step 4:

For a more detailed benefits break down, select the "Compare" check box on the plan, and click Compare Plans.

You'll see how different Preventative care,  Hospital, and additional services are covered by the Medigap plan in comparison to Original Medicare on its own. 

Step 5:

Help the patient enroll in their plan of choice.

Enter Patient View to reveal the Enroll Now option in the comparison page, or in the plan list page. Once you click Enroll Now, you'll be directed to the Patient Portal where you'll easily be able to follow the steps, with pre-filled information, to complete the enrollment. 

As with any plan enrollment, be sure to save the confirmation number to be able to check the enrollment status should any issues arise. 

What's Next?

Learn more about what Medigap covers and who should enroll in a Medigap plan.

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