This feature is a useful way to schedule will-call bin campaigns targeting a specific patient list that may not already be created in Amplicare! You can use this type of campaign to remind your patients that their medications have been filled and are ready to be picked up. 

There are two ways to import a patient list. You can obtain and paste the phone numbers for patients who have medications in their will-call bin or run a report in your pharmacy system and upload a CSV or XLS file that contains the phone numbers of the patients.

To get started on a one-time custom phone call campaign, log into your Amplicare account and go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign

Import Phone Numbers

Once you click on Create New Campaign, you have two options to import the list of patients:  upload a CSV or XLS file or paste a list of phone numbers in the text box.

If you decide to copy and paste a list of phone numbers, each number should be entered on a separate line. When you click Next, Amplicare will try to match the phone numbers to the patients that we have on file. We will show the phone numbers that match the numbers that you have entered. The same process will happen if you import the phone numbers with a CSV or XLS file.

Once you see the list, you will be able to decide which numbers you want to include or exclude in the campaign by toggling the blue button. The imported list will be compared against your patient list in Amplicare. When a patient on file matches with a phone number you’ve imported, the patient will be included in the list. If there are duplicate profiles with the same number, only the first profile that is identified will be included. If the list has imported more than 25 results, the results will be paginated.

Once you finish checking the list of numbers, you can now schedule the will-call bin campaign!

To schedule a campaign:

  1. Create a title for your campaign. If you do not enter a campaign title, an error message will pop up saying, "Please set a title for this campaign."
  2. Select when you want the calls/messages to send out. Keep in mind that calls should be scheduled for 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Check out this article for more rules for scheduling campaigns.
  3. Choose how many calls/messages you want to schedule per day. This field will already be filled in with the total number of patients on your recipient list. The purpose of this is to allow you to schedule all calls to send out in one day if you need to. For example, if you are having a one-day sale at your pharmacy , you can schedule all of the calls to go out in one day. If you want to schedule a campaign that isn’t limited on time, you can choose a set number of calls to send out each day until all of your patients have been called in that campaign.
  4. Add a text message (optional).
  5. Select a previously recorded message or record a new message.
  6. Toggle on or off to use a machine answering recording if the call is sent to the patient’s voicemail.
  7. Schedule the messages.

When you click Schedule Messages, it will redirect you to this modal, Custom Campaign: Imported Phone Numbers. This will tell you how many calls will be scheduled for this campaign and will ask you to confirm that you want to schedule these calls.  

Once you click Confirm, it will redirect you to this modal that tells you that your campaign was successfully scheduled! 

What’s Next?

Need more ideas for creating custom campaigns? Check out this article for sample scripts for other custom campaigns!

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