Log in to your Amplicare account and go to Campaigns > Create New Campaign.

Once you click on Create Campaign under Manually Select Patients, it will redirect you to a modal, Custom Campaign: Manually Select Patients, where you can start your custom campaign. 

Next, you will need to choose who you want to receive the campaign. Click the Filter button and add specific criteria to customize your recipient list!

Here are a few suggestions for custom campaign filters: 

Diabetes education promotion:

If your pharmacy offers diabetes education services or classes, use this campaign to let your diabetic patients know that they can sign up or to speak to you for more information. This is a great way to engage this audience and inform them that you provide resources beyond dispensing medications!

Filters to use:

  • Active diabetes drugs: Yes

  • Age: 18-120

Blood pressure screenings promotion:

Invite your patients with high blood pressure for screening tests the next time they visit your pharmacy. This can help you interact with your patients in a different way and inform or remind them that you offer this service.

Filters to use:

  • Active hypertension drugs: Yes

  • Age: 18-120

Once you are satisfied with your list of patients, click Select All and then Schedule Campaign!

  1. Create a title for your campaign. If you do not enter a campaign title, an error message will pop up saying, "Please set a title for this campaign."

  2. Select when you want the calls/messages to start going out. 

  3. Choose how many calls or text messages you want to schedule per day. This allows you to control how many messages will go out in a single day to ensure your staff won't be overwhelmed (from potential patient call-backs). We recommend not scheduling more than ~100 messages a day. Depending on the number of patients selected for the campaign and the number of Messages / Day, messages can send over the course of multiple days.

  4. Add text message content (optional).

  5. Select a previously recorded message or record a new message.

  6. Toggle on or off to use a machine answering recording if the call is sent to the patient’s voicemail.

  7. Schedule the messages!

Learn best practices for your campaign customization options.

When you click "Schedule Messages", it will redirect you to the above modal. Review this information carefully before you "Confirm" to avoid potential errors.

Once you click Confirm, it will redirect you to this modal that tells you that your campaign was successfully scheduled! 

Newly Eligible Manual Campaign

You can also schedule campaigns from your reports. Here is a video tutorial on how to schedule calls to your Newly Eligible patients.

What’s Next?

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